5MP Security Camera Kit with Person/Vehicle Detection

5MP Security Camera Kit with Person/Vehicle Detection

SKU: RLK8-510B4-A

24/7 Surveillance, Made Smart


Keep an eye on your home or business in a more intelligent way with this video surveillance system. Have all-day videos and only be alerted when there is person or vehicle. Never miss a true threat and never worry about unnecessary alarms

  • More Than 5MP Super HD

    With the high resolution of 2560x1920, the 5MP security cameras in the kit capture clear and sharp images. More than that, the cams shot videos at remarkable 30 frames per second, ensuring you get buttery-smooth videos without being freezing or jerky.

    •  Audio recording
    •  80° viewing angle
  • Keep Guard at Night

    With 18 infrared LEDs in each cam, this system captures videos clearly in the dark within the range of up to 100ft, protecting your home and business with 24-hour vigilance.

    •  18 IR LEDs
    •  100ft night vision
  • Unfailing 24/7 Recording

    With the 2TB HDD and the storage capacity of up to 12TB, the PoE video surveillance kit supports all cameras to record continuously at the same time. You will have all-day video without missing a beat.

    • Built-in 2TB HDD
    • Up to 12TB
  • Access Your Camera, Anywhere and Anytime

    Stay connected with your home or business on the go. See live streaming, replay key moments or check on motion alerts with just a few clicks on Reolink App or Client.

    Motion Alerts

    Informs you when the cam spots the movement via push notifications, emails, or buzzer alarm in the NVR.

    Multi-Cam Live Feed

    See the live feed of multiple cams on the same screen. Easier to have an overview of your property.


    can be stored in the NVR or FTP server. With our intuitive App/Client, you can easily find, replay or download footages you want.

    Record Scheduling

    You can set each cam respectively to record continuously, or when the motion is detected, or on your time schedule.

    Motion Zone

    Define a specific area and let the cam only detect activities in it, and trigger alerts that really matter.

  • IP66 Waterproof. Certified.

    The rugged housing and body make these security IP cameras waterproof. They work perfectly both inside and outside your house, in any harsh weather conditions.

  • Installation and Maintenance

    When you buy any cctv systems and Installation from us you will get 6 month's FREE Maintenance and Cleaning of the camera's 

    Subject to availability and location ( upto 50 miles from CT9 )